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Financial Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning

All of our wealth management client engagements begin with a financial plan.  Whether you are just beginning to save or trying to lay out what is left of your working years, the earlier you begin planning the better.  Earlier planning allows for smaller, more attainable changes to be made over longer periods of time to meet your end goal.  Ongoing financial planning allows you to:

* Prioritize Your goals - Without clearly defined goals you are on a journey without a destination.  

* Create Alignment - Investment strategy is one of the main factors driving your plan.  It is critical that your strategy aligns with your goals, time frame, and risk tolerance.  

*  Stress Testing Your Strategy - Measuring your plan and progress against market conditions and extreme circumstances is a key element of the planning process.

*  Manage Behavioral Risks - Fear and emotions cause investors to make decisions that do not align with and are often detrimental to their long term goals.  A well constructed plan helps avoid these mistakes.

*  Accommodate Change - Plans evolve and things change often. Life is no stranger to curve balls or a need to pivot.  Ongoing planning is a must to make sure the decisions being made still align with your end goal.

Planning packages vary by complexity.  Initial Plans start at $1800.  Contact Karolina to schedule a consultation at 847-852-1420.